About Us

About Us

Log Delivery Surrey was formed by a small group of local businesses who share a passion for the woodland, trees and the Surrey Hills.  Not so long ago the Surrey Hills was the driving force and powerhouse behind many industries supplying fuel and energy before coal became popular. There is now an abundance of wood and utilising this resource and sustaining wildlife, employment and a way of life is paramount to our beliefs and obviously utilising carbon neutral energy rather than using fossil fuels. Supplying waste wood to be re-used as energy to heat peoples homes in a carbon neutral way makes perfect ecological and economical sense. 

Companies Involved...

GSG Stove & Chimney Specialists



Areas of Expertise...

Supply and Install Wood Burning Stoves, Chimney Sweeps, Chimney and Roof Work, Supply Top Soil, Woodland Management, Arboriculture, Land and Water Course Management, Fishery and Pond Management, Forest Machinery Plant Hire