Log Delivery Surrey

Based in the Surrey Hills we know and love our trees so we make sure we provide the perfect wood for your fire. Our seasoned hard wood is ideal for open fires, wood burning stoves, log boilers, kitchen ranges, fire pits, pizza ovens, and any other appliance where a consistent high heat output is required.

We supply seasoned hard wood in bulk delivery by the cubic metre; in net bags with 15kg of seasoned hard wood; kiln dried kindling by the bag; wood briquettes; bio oil fire lighters; long matches; and even Swedish torches!

Our wood is all sourced locally and is waste timber as we've been working closely with tree surgeons buying up their waste product. The seasoning process is very carefully managed and we guarantee the moisture content to be below 25% regardless of the time of year. Mostly our wood gets delivered at about 16–20% moisture which is absolutely perfect to get the most heat output from your logs. 

Delivery is free of charge for orders over £100 within a 10 mile radius or £200 within Surrey. Our delivery team are very courteous and nice people. We don't just dump and run. We are happy to stack your wood for you (within reason!) and always tidy up after ourselves.

Our Firewood Products